2011 Here We Come
It seems the year has passed by so fast, I hardly know how to describe all the changes that have happened in my life in 2010.

It seems trite to list new year's resolutions so instead I will post new life lessons that I wish to live by for the new year:
1. Passion is key to reaching any goals in life.
2. You are shaped by your own perceptions. You can change this.
3. Do 1% more and you will be ahead of 99% of the world.
4. Change is challenging and difficult, but essential for growth.

To those whom I missed for xmas presents I'm soo sorry, you know how I am... Look forward to some New Year's goodies to land on your doorsteps soon! I'm actually jealous that I got these gorgeous gourmet marshmallows for you guys instead of myself. ;)

In case that doesn't get you drooling, how about these French lavender, honey, vanilla, sea salt caramels! ....droooooooollll...


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